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Auto Porn Tube

The Auto Porn Tube script allows you to set up your own porn tube site, collecting video information from 3 big porn tube sites (sponsor sites) and showing them to your visitor earning you money from advertising on your site aswell as any traffic that moves from your site to one of the source sites. Once installed and set up you do not need to do anything apart from promoting it, just let it run on its own.

What is a tube site

A tube site is simular to youtube in that it's a site that shows videos and video clips made and uploaded by its users. As the name suggests, a porn tube site shows videos of an adult nture and therefor is not suitable for minors.

The Script

The Auto porn tube script allows you to create a fully automated porn tube site without the hassle of having users uploading their own videos and the problems that brings and resources it uses.

Auto Porn Tube uses a cron job to fetch a list of videos added to 3 sponsor web sites, Redtube, Xtube and Youporn, and stores the video details in a mysql database. It also gets a list of categories, tags and pornstars and if available fetches the pornstar thumbnail and saves them on your server. When visitors view your site they can view a list of categoryies or pornstars and view the videos within the category or staring the selected pornstar. Related videos are also displayed below the video being viewed by the visitor. On your tube sites home page the visitor see the latest videos, the most popular videos, and popular porn stars and categories.

We have two versions that can be downloaded, the first comes complete with a large number of category thumbnails which we have collected from the sponsor sites, this tarball is about 1mb in size so you may decide to purchase the 2nd option, which is the same price and is exatly the same apart from the fact there are no category thumbnails, this file is just 140kb but you will need to add your own category thumbnails.

Auto Porn Tube with category thumbnails

Auto Porn Tube without category thumbnails